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Flex-Wing Grooming Mowers

  • Cutting widths: 3.7 m (12 ft), 4.6 m (15 ft), and 5.2 m (17 ft)
  • Cutting heights: from 2.5 cm (1 in.) to 12.7 cm (5 in.)
  • 8-gauge, 4.18-mm (0.164-in.) reinforced mower decks
  • Pneumatic tires put less pressure on the ground
  • Single-action, hydraulic-folding wing system
  • Heavy-duty transport frame

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Mounted to front of mowerMounted to front of mower

Anti-scalping rollers are mounted to the front of each cutting deck on the FM20 and FM21 Series Flex-Wing Grooming Mowers.

Latch automatically engagesLatch automatically engages
Transport positionTransport position

For added safety, the transport latching mechanism on the FM Series Flex-Wing Grooming Mower automatically engages when the decks are raised into the transport position.

Three blades per deckThree blades per deck

To meet specific mowing needs, choose from four blade types:

  • Standard
  • Mulching
  • High lift
  • Flat
Creates a clean, even finishCreates a clean, even finish

The FM20 and FM21 Series Flex-Wing Grooming Mowers have completely independent free-floating mowing decks that provide a perfect cut on uneven terrain.

Ideal for use on golf courses and sport fieldsIdeal for use on golf courses and sport fields

The pneumatic tires on the FM20 and FM21 Series Flex-Wing Grooming Mowers put less pressure on the ground, making them ideal for use on golf courses and sport fields.

Gearbox enhances overall mower performanceGearbox enhances overall mower performance

The rugged gearbox on the FM Series Flex-Wing Grooming Mowers features spiral gears to dramatically reduce noise, increase endurance, and transfer more power to the blades.

Adjust to the cutting width of choiceAdjust to the cutting width of choice

The telescoping wings on the FM20 and FM21 Series Flex-Wing Grooming Mowers allow for adjustable cutting widths to increase or decrease mower overlap for slope applications.

Drawing from operator manualDrawing from operator manual

The optional floating hitch is for undulating terrain, providing increased flexibility and mowing results.

Kit includes baffles, blades, and guard supportsKit includes baffles, blades, and guard supports

A mulching kit is available as an attachment for field conversion. The mulching kit includes unique mulching blades, baffles, and guard supports to produce smaller clippings, which decompose faster than clippings that haven't been mulched.


Operators should follow the one-third rule for cutting height when mulching in grass.


This mulching kit also does an excellent job when mulching leaves.

Replaces standard rope disengagementReplaces standard rope disengagement

The hydraulic unlock system field conversion kit is available for FM20 and FM21 Series Flex-Wing Grooming Mowers.


This conversion kit allows the operator to unlock the wings from the tractor seat with the convenience of a hydraulic lever. It replaces the standard rope disengagement that comes with the flex-wing mower.


The hydraulic unlock system requires one additional selective control valve (SCV) (two total) and is ideal for lawn services that fold and unfold the unit to go from job to job.


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