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Large Hydraulic-Push Manure Spreaders

  • Easy chain access
  • Hydraulic end-gate
  • Heavy-duty tires and construction
  • Hydraulic push-gate

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Chains are dependable and low-maintenanceChains are dependable and low-maintenance

The rear access door on the Frontier™ MS14 Series Spreader provides easy access to the beater chains for lubing. Chains are powered by a reliable center-drive system that requires minimal maintenance.

Heavy-duty steel ensures maximum durabilityHeavy-duty steel ensures maximum durability
Cylinders create ease when working in cold weatherCylinders create ease when working in cold weather

High-moisture loads are no problem with the MS14 Series Hydraulic-Push Spreaders hydraulic end gate. It is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame and solid, virgin-grade polyethylene for durability.


Dual-lift cylinders control the raising and lowering of the end gate and provide fast operation in cold weather.

High-strength steel provides maximum durabilityHigh-strength steel provides maximum durability

High-strength channel steel is used for the poles and frame for durability. Bearing hangers run beneath the frame to support drive shafts while allowing for vibration.

Wheels provide flotation even in soft fieldsWheels provide flotation even in soft fields

Heavy-duty truck tires support the added weight of the implement, even when filled with wet material.


Weight is distributed over the axles with 7.6-cm (3-in.) diameter sleeve-protected spindles for reliability. Tandem wheels provide flotation in soft field conditions.

Heavy-duty construction includes structural floor beams spaced 24-cm (9.5-in.) apart for maximum support. High-strength rectangular steel tubing is used for the poles and frame to ensure durability.


The hitch drawbar extends to the axles so that weight can be distributed along the implement's length.  This design and construction allows for uniform support as material is being pushed through the box.

Bound in rubber tubing to prevent tanglingBound in rubber tubing to prevent tangling

The Frontier™ MS14 Series Spreaders' hoses are well-protected from damage and bound together in flexible rubber tubing to eliminate tangling.

Upper paddlesUpper paddles
Lower paddlesLower paddles

Upper paddles tackle high-heaped loads, while lower paddles shred compacted material.

Allows for smooth, push-gate operationAllows for smooth, push-gate operation

The dual piggyback cylinder on the Frontier™ MS14 Series Manure Spreader is controlled with a sequencing valve for smooth push-gate operation.


Adjust the speed of the cylinders with a simple turn of the hydraulic control lever.

Push-gate is angled to ensure efficiencyPush-gate is angled to ensure efficiency
Steel tubing runs from the hitch to the rear axleSteel tubing runs from the hitch to the rear axle

The variable-speed hydraulic push-gate on the Frontier™ MS14 Series Manure Spreader makes unloading super fast. The push-gate is angled at the bottom to efficiently remove manure.


Dual piggyback hydraulic cylinders reduce the overall length of the implement for tight turns. Steel tubing runs from the hitch to the rear axle for support and durability.

Power take-off (PTO) shaft runs underneath the implementPower take-off (PTO) shaft runs underneath the implement

A straight shaft of the PTO runs underneath the center of the Frontier™ MS14 Series to an angle gearbox at the rear and then over the beater drive sprocket.


The gearbox is protected with a steel skid plate. Bearings have triple-lip seals and require no additional greasing.

Mounted vertically for a wider spread patternMounted vertically for a wider spread pattern
Bolt-on teeth provide extra biteBolt-on teeth provide extra bite

Cover more ground in less time by using the vertical-beater configuration. Augers are mounted vertically for a wider spread pattern and fewer passes in the field. Reversed flighting on the top portion of the augers reduces kickback of material and results in less vertical loft.


Bolt-on teeth give additional bite when attacking hard, compressed material. The result is consistent sizing and uniform spread.

Rear pan field-installation kits help to hold in loose and semi-liquid materials. The rear pan and hydraulic endgate may be used together.


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