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Hay Mergers

  • Adjustable head height
  • Plastic teeth prevent metal debris
  • Tail wheel works in uneven fields
  • Hydraulic aftermarket kits

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HM11 Series Hay Merger adjustable headHM11 Series Hay Merger adjustable head

Reposition two pins to change the head height of the Frontier™ HM11 Series Hay Merger for optimal performance in changing conditions. Adjustable gauge wheels allow the head to float from side to side.

HM11 Series Hay Merger quick-disconnect hosesHM11 Series Hay Merger quick-disconnect hoses

The Frontier™ HM11 Series Hay Merger is equipped with quick-disconnect hoses that allow operators to switch between left- and right-side merging.

HM11 Series Hay Merger's plastic teethHM11 Series Hay Merger's plastic teeth

The Frontier™ HM11 Series Hay Merger features replaceable pickup teeth that prevent metal from entering the crop. The pickup teeth are made from durable plastic.

HM11 Series tail wheelHM11 Series tail wheel

A brake assembly on the rear swivel tail wheel of the Frontier™ HM11 Series Hay Merger keeps the merger steady while working in uneven fields or during transport.

Field conversion kits are available for conveyor extensions for the conveyor cross belt. These kits improve windrow placement.

The first conversion kit listed actuates the BU1060 Bale Unroller. A hydraulic cylinder, hoses, and fittings are needed to actuate the squeeze feature of the bale unroller.


The second conversion kit listed is a hydraulic lift mechanism to fold the DM1140 Disc Mower for transport. This is standard equipment on all DM1140 Disc Mowers.


The third conversion kit listed is a power take-off (PTO) hydraulic drive for the HM1109 Hay Merger. It is a self-contained hydraulic system used to operate the merger if the tractor's hydraulic system has insufficient capacity.

The optional accelerator roller fluffs windrows and allows the operator to merge up to 4.3-m (14-ft) cuts of hay or create windrows up to 2.7-m (9-ft) apart.

The below kit is windrow inverter kit for HM1109, HM1209 and HM1212 Hay Mergers. 


The purpose of this field conversion kit is to reverse the cross conveyor on the hay merger in order to invert the windrow for drying. It places crop that is on the ground on top of the windrow for improved drying time.


Dimensions hm11-hay-merger
Current Model
Conveyor width107 cm
42 in.
Pick-up width2.7 m
9 ft
Base unit widthWith optional accelerator roller
4.8 m
15.75 ftWith optional 2-ft conveyor extension (fixed)
5 m
16.3 ft
4.36 m
14.3 ft
Base unit height1.37 m
4.5 ft
Base unit length5.9 m
19.25 ft
Standard base unit1,347 kg
2,970 lb
Self-contained base unit1,533 kg
3,380 lb
Tire size
FrameTwo, 17x38 cm
6.70x15 in.
PickupTwo, 14.5x20 cm
5.70x8 in.
Tractor compatibility
Standard unitMinimum PTO power
52 kW
70 hpMinimum hydraulic flow
61 L/min
16 gpmMinimum hydraulic pressure
13,790 kPa
2,000 psiTractor SCVs required
Self-contained unitMinimum PTO power
52 kW
70 hpMinimum hydraulic flow
19 L/min
5 gpmMinimum hydraulic pressure
13,790 kPa
2,000 psiTractor SCVs required
Lights and safety
Transport lightsStandard
Safety tow chainStandard
Transport locksStandard
Set-up time
Standard unit labor hours1.5
Self-contained unit labor hours2

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