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8R 310 using a attachment to carry a large bail of hay to cows


The 8 Series John Deere row crop tractors for sale at Ag-Power will help you complete all your large ag operations. With three types and different models available in each, be able to select the one best for your farm. Attachments for the row crop tractors include planters, sprayers, harvesters, and more. With precision ag technology, the 8 Series tractors have the most up-to-date data to help you make informed decisions. Learn more about the 8 Series row crop tractors at any Ag-Power location.

8 Series Row Crop Tractors Available

The 8 Series row crop tractors come in three types: the 8R, 8RT, and 8RX. 

8R: Standard wheeled tractor

  • 8R 250, 8R 280, 8R 310, 8R 340, 8R 370, 8R 410

    8RT: Tracked tractor for improved stability and traction

  • 8R 310, 8RT 340, 8RT 370, 8RT 410
  • 8RX: Four-tracked tractor for maximum stability and traction

  • 8RX 310, 8RX 340, 8RX 370, 8RX 410

  • The number in each tractor represents the amount of rated horsepower it has. For more information on the row crop tractor specs, call us at our stores.

    Attachments for 8 Series John Deere Row Crop Tractors>

    8 Series row crop tractor attachments will prepare you for all jobs on your farm. With planters, be able to place seeds with the proper spacing and depth. Sprayers will help apply pesticides and cover more rows to complete the work quickly. For large pastures or roadwork, mowers can also be attached to make these tractors more flexible to your demands. Cultivators, harvesters, and more apply to these row crop tractors; find out more at Ag-Power. 

    8R 310 Specs

    The 8R 310-row crop tractor has the power and innovation to provide you with the highest tractor quality. Offering 310-rated horsepower and an optional 16-speed PowerShift transmission, you can work through any condition your field gives you. With fully integrated precision ag technology, including AutoTrac and JDLink, your tractor can work entirely remotely while providing you with accurate data. The spacious cab offers the operator a comfortable seating experience for long hours inside. Speak with our team at Ag-Power to see if the 8R 310 or a different row crop tractor is best for you.

    Row Crop Tractor Technology

    John Deere leads the way in innovation and technology in the farming industry, and their row crop tractors are no exception. With technology such as AutoTrac, your tractor is automatically directed through your fields, helping keep straight lines and minimizing overlap. JDLink gives you up-to-date monitoring of your tractor, alerting you of any services needed and its performance. The CommandCenter display gives you a user-friendly screen in the cab, allowing you to adjust and control as required. See all John Deere technology has to offer on row crop tractors at Ag-Power.