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Post Hole Diggers

  • Dependable, rugged gearbox
  • Safety shielding covers auger and power take-off
  • Optional downforce kits
  • Optional hook-up stand

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PHD0 Series Post Hole Digger gearboxPHD0 Series Post Hole Digger gearbox

The PHD0 Series Post Hole Digger has a rugged and dependable gearbox for a longer-lasting life.

PHD0 Series Post-Hole Digger safety shieldPHD0 Series Post-Hole Digger safety shield

The PHD0 Series Post-Hole Diggers have a strong safety shield surrounding the auger and PTO to provide extra protection and longer life. 

The downforce kits are for post hole diggers as identified below.

NOTE: The downforce kit requires hydraulic pressure from a tractor selective control valve (SCV) and a pressure-free return.

The auger position handle allows the operator to place the post-hole digger in the correct position before digging.


The field conversion auger position handle kit can be installed on PHD300 and PHD400 Series Post-Hole Diggers.

Great for mounting, dismounting, and storageGreat for mounting, dismounting, and storage

The foldable hook-up stand allows operators to easily mount and dismount the post-hole digger from the tractor. The stand has several adjusting height options to accommodate the operator's needs.


The stand is ideal for storing the post-hole digger safely and prolongs the implement's life by keeping it off the ground. 


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Dimensions PHD400
Current Model
Boom OD8.9 cm
3.5 in.
Yoke OD7.9 cm
2.875 in.
Auger speed
Tractor compatibility
Gearbox hp rating29.8 kW
40 hp
PTO hp range13.4-29 kW
18-40 hp
3-Point hitch
Auger compatibility
Unit90.7 kg
200 lb
Shipping (2 per case)213.2 kg
470 lb
Set-up time

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