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Rear Blades

  • Reversible cutting edge for longer wear life
  • Hydraulic cylinder changes blade direction while on the move
  • Move hitch pin to allow blade radius to turn 180 degrees

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Frontier™ rear blade cutting edgeFrontier™ rear blade cutting edge

All Frontier RB Series Rear Blade cutting edges are reversible, featuring bevels on both edges to give the blade twice the work life.

RB21H Series hydraulic cylinderRB21H Series hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder on the Frontier™ RB21H Series Rear Blades makes it possible to adjust the angle of the blade in either direction while on the go. 

Move hitch pin from one side to the otherMove hitch pin from one side to the other

The hitch pin connecting the cylinder to the blade can be removed and moved to the opposite side, allowing the blade to turn 180 degrees.

This feature is great when backfilling.

End plates keep material containedEnd plates keep material contained

End plates add strength and durability and help keep material contained or from spilling over. This optional feature on the RB21H Series Rear Blades is ideal for leveling uneven terrain.

RB Series skid shoes avoid work-surface damageRB Series skid shoes avoid work-surface damage

Skid shoes increase the life of the cutting edge on all RB Series Rear Blades and avoid damaging the work surface while cleaning corrals or plowing snow.


NOTE: Skid shoe style shown in image above used with RB2060, RB2072, and RB2084 models.


Each of the field conversion kits listed are for a pair of end plates for rear blades and are ideal to keep from windrowing material when backfilling or leveling.


The kits and their associated rear blades are identified below.

The field-conversion hydraulic cylinder kit includes one cylinder. This kit allows the operator to position the blade without having to get off of the operator's station. 


NOTE: A rear selective control valve (SCV) is required.

The skid shoe kits include one pair and allow the blade to ride on the shoes at a set height to allow the operator control of the blade depth.


The bundles listed below identify the rear blades they fit.


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