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John Deere PHD1 Series

Post Hole Diggers

  • Parking Stand
  • Dependable & Rugged Gearbox (6-year Warranty)
  • Auger Alignment Handle
  • Anti-Burying Auger Plate


Hook-Up Parking Stand

Hook-up parking stands for storage and stability. The removable hook-up parking stand makes mounting and detaching the Post Hole Digger to your tractor a safer, easier, one-person job. While in-between jobs, the parking stand allows the Post Hole Digger to be stored in the upright position.

Auger Positioning Handle

The auger positioning handle allows the operator to easily align the auger into the desired position from the operator’s seat prior to digging. The auger positioning handle is in base equipment on all PHD1 Series Post-Hole Diggers. *The auger positioning handle will need to be removed for compatibility with CAB Compact & Utility Tractors.

Anti-Burying Plate

The anti-burying plate holds the teeth at a steeper angle than the pitch of the flighting, causing the teeth to chew through the soil at a more aggressive rate than the flighting can move it. The anti-burying plate also provides a "resistance" to the aggressive digging forces of the teeth, causing the soil to pulverize instead of the auger screwing itself into the ground.

PTO Driveline Holder

The PTO Driveline holder keeps the PTO driveline off the ground, reducing exposure to dirt, mud, and debris thus decreasing maintenance and helping to promote extended product life.

Spiral and Screw Point Augers

Both the Screw Point and Spiral Point have been designed to allow for better ground penetration in hard ground conditions without the use of a downforce pressure kit.


Screw Point on PHD125

  • Wider spiral pattern drills effectively and is more conducive to removal by smaller tractors. Screw point augers comes standard on all 36” augers (PHD125)

Spiral Point on PHD235 and PHD395

  • Designed to pull the auger into the ground more aggressively than the screw point or fishtail point. Spiral Point Augers come standard on all 48” augers (PHD235 and PHD395).
6-Year Gearbox Warranty

Dependable, rugged gearbox for long life. The PHD1 Series Post Hole Digger comes with an extended 6-year warranty.

Specs & Compare



PHD1 Series
Current Model
Boom ODPHD125: 7.3 cm
3 in.
PHD235: 8.9 cm
PHD395: Reinforced: 8.9 cm
Yoke ODPHD125: 6 cm
3 in.
PHD235: 7.9 cm
PHD395: Reinforced: 7.9 cm

Auger speed


Tractor compatibility

PTO hp rangePHD125: 13.4-18.6 kW
15-25 hp
PHD235: 13.4-29 kW
20-35 hp
PHD395: 13.4-37.3 kW
35-95 hp
Gearbox hp rating

3-Point hitch


UnitPHD125: 50.8 kW
177 lb
PHD235: 90.7 kW
178 lb
PHD395: 104.3 kg
245 lb
Shipping (2 per case)PHD125: 149.7 kg
354 lb
PHD235: 213.2 kg
356 lb
PHD395: 249.5 kg
490 lb


Auger weightPHD125: 6 X 36 AUGER 21 lb
PHD125: 9 X 36 AUGER 32 lb
PHD125: 12 X 36 AUGER 43
PHD235, PHD395: 6 X 48 AUGER 33 lb
PHD235, PHD395: 9 X 48 AUGER 41
PHD235, PHD395: 12 X 48 AUGER 60 lb
PHD395: 18 X 48 AUGER 85 lb
PHD395: 24 X 48 AUGER 92 lb
Auger flighting typePHD125: Semi-Double Flighting
PHD135: Semi-Double Flighting
PHD395: 6, 9, 12, 18: Semi-Double Flighting
PHD395: 24 : Double Flighting
Auger dimensionsPHD125: 6 X 36 AUGER
PHD125: 9 X 36 AUGER
PHD125: 12 X 36 AUGER
PHD235, PHD395: 6 X 48 AUGER
PHD235, PHD395: 9 X 48 AUGER
PHD235: 12 X 48 AUGER
PHD395: 12 X 48 AUGER
PHD395: 18 X 48 AUGER
PHD395: 24 X 48 AUGER
Auger PointsPHD125: Cast Ductile Iron
PHD235: Cast Ductile Iron
PHD395: Cast Ductile Iron
PHD125: Screw Point
PHD235: Spiral Point
PHD395: Spiral Point
Cutting EdgesPHD125: Replaceable Cutting edges
PHD235: Replaceable Carbide Cutting Edge
PHD395: Replaceable Carbide Cutting Edge
Auger diameter
Auger length
Auger thickness
Model number

Set-up time


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