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John Deere RB50L Series

Rear Blades

  • Manual angle adjustment
  • Reversible cutting edge
  • iMatchTM compatible


Frame's tubular steel is crafted for tough jobs
Strong, tubular steel frame Strong, tubular steel frame

The tough, tubular steel frame on the Frontier™ RB50L Series Rear Blades is perfect for grading.

Hitch attaches quickly and efficiently
Hitch hookup is easy and fast Hitch hookup is easy and fast

Frontier™ RB50L Series Rear Blades are compatible with iMatch™ quick-hitch and Category 1 hitches. Both systems provide a quick, efficient hookup.

Manual adjustable angle for added precision
360-degree turning radius 360-degree turning radius

The turntable on Frontier™ RB50L Series Rear Blades allows a complete 360-degree turning radius for leveling perfection. There are five front and five rear positions to meet all landscaping needs. 


Manually adjusting the angle and offset allows the blade to adapt to a variety of soil conditions and create a precise finish.

Reversible cutting edge for longer wear life
Blade provides twice the wear life Blade provides twice the wear life

Frontier™ RB50L Series Rear Blade cutting edges are reversible. Each blade features bevels on both edges to give the blade twice the work life.

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RB50L Series
Current Model
Width in working position1.5 m
5 ft
Moldboard length152.4 cm
60 in.
Moldboard height36.8 cm
14.5 in.
Moldboard thickness0.64 cm
0.25 in.


Machine91.2 kg
201 lb
Shipping per unit106.1 kg
234 lb

Tractor requirements

PTO hp (kW)Maximum: 13.4 kW
18 hp
Hydraulic offset kit (hoses and fittings included)

Angle, tilt, offset, pivot

Pivot angle degrees360 degree (angle)
Angle forward, number of positionsFive positions
Angle reverse, number of positionsFive positions
Tilt positions/degrees
Offset position left or right


TypeLimited Category 1
Quick hitch compatibilityYes

Reversible cutting edge

Thickness0.95 cm
0.375 in.
Height15.2 cm
6 in.


Parking stand

Set-up time


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