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Pallet Fork

  • High tensile, heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Tines float while picking up and removing pallets on uneven terrain
  • Tines can be made rigid at any position using set screws
  • See brochure for loader series compatibility

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AP12 and AP13 Series frames are built strongAP12 and AP13 Series frames are built strong
Frontier™ pallet forks handle heavy loadsFrontier™ pallet forks handle heavy loads

The AP12 and AP13 Series Pallet Forks are built with welded components and high-tensile, heavy-gauge steel for years of dependable service.


The AP1240F model can hold up to 1701 kg (3750 lb), and the AP1240D, AP1240A, and AP1240G models can hold up to 2494.8 kg (5500 lb).


The AP1340F model can hold up to 1701 kg (3750 lb), and the AP1340D and AP1340G models can hold up to 2494.8 kg (5500 lb).


The AP12K model can hold up to 4535.9 kg (10,000 lb).

AP12 Series fixed tine shownAP12 Series fixed tine shown
AP13 Series floating tine shownAP13 Series floating tine shown

Fixed-tine pallet forks on the AP12 Series keep the tines in a set position for consistent handling of pallets. Tines can be moved to any position simply by releasing the locking pin, so no tools are required.


Floating-tine pallet forks on the AP13 Series allow the tines to float while picking up and removing pallets on uneven terrain. Tines can be made rigid at any position along the shaft by tightening the set screws.


Dimensions AP13
Current Model
Overall height86.4 cm
34 in.
Overall width127 cm
50 in.
Overall length137.2 cm
54 in.
Attachment carrier
OperationalWith 42-inch tines: 192.8 kg
425 lb
With 48-inch tines: 201.8 kg
485 lb
ShippingWith 42-inch tines: 210.9 kg
465 lb
With 48-inch tines: 220 kg
485 lb
Fork tines
Capacity2494.8 kg
5500 lb
Section35x120 mm
1.6x5.1 in.
Length106.7 cm
42 in.
and 121.9 cm
48 in.
Set-up time
Key Specs
Current series style
Fork tines

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