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Disk Harrows

  • Two-blade taper furrow filler
  • Disk leveling adjustable with a crank
  • Middle breaker cuts out center bulk
  • Hydraulic controls raise and lower the disk

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Optional rolling basketOptional rolling basket

Operators can add the optional 35.56-cm (14-in.) diameter rolling basket to help break up clods for improved levelness and uniformity of field finish. A wrench can be used to adjust the down pressure of the rolling basket to suit the operator’s needs.

Creates a level soil surfaceCreates a level soil surface

A two-blade taper furrow filler on the outside rear wing reduces outside ridges and smooths out the soil to create a level soil surface.

Adjustable disk gangsAdjustable disk gangs

Disk gangs are easily adjustable to match changing soil conditions with Frontier™ disk harrows.


Use a more aggressive angle to tear up and penetrate high residue and soil. Reduce the angle for a smoother finish.

Notched blades for aggressive cuttingNotched blades for aggressive cutting
Spherical blades slice and mix for a smooth finishSpherical blades slice and mix for a smooth finish

Choose notched or spherical blades with cast spools for the Frontier™ DH15 and DH16 Series Disk Harrows.


Notched blades aggressively cut and mulch, while spherical (smooth) blades slice and mix residue for a smoother finish.


There are three blade configurations:

  • Front notched gang and rear spherical gang
  • Spherical blades only
  • Notched blades only
Crank adjustmentCrank adjustment

Crank adjustment for front-to-rear leveling on the Frontier™ disk harrow lets the operator easily fine-tune disk leveling to avoid ridges and valleys in varying soil types and field conditions.


The working depth is controlled with the depth control bar. Simply lock the pin in one of the seven positions for the working depth required.

Middle breakerMiddle breaker

The middle breaker cuts out the center bulk for a more level soil profile, ensuring complete coverage on each pass.

Hydraulic controlsHydraulic controls

The Frontier™ DH15 Series Disk Harrow hydraulic controls let the operator raise and lower the disk while on the go. Safety chains come standard with all models.

For all DH15 and DH16 Series Disks

The scraper kit for furrow fillers – two per kit – removes soil buildup from furrow fillers in wet, sticky soil types.

The scraper kit removes soil buildup from disk blades in wet, sticky soil types.

Furrow filler field-installed kits provide an additional smaller-diameter disk blade to the outside of each rear gang, helping to fill in the furrow left by the outermost disk blade.

The middle breaker removes the center balk of dirt left between the front disk gangs.


Dimensions DH1615
Current Model
Operating1898-2200 kg
4185-4851 lb
Shipping1989-2291 kg
4385-5051 lb
Tractor requirements
TypeLevel lift drawn with clevis
Quick coupler compatibility
22.9 cm
9 in.
22.9 cm
9 in.
22.9 cm
9 in.
Size56 cm
22 in.
Thickness4.5 mm
0.177 in.
TypeNotched (front) / Notched (rear)
Smooth (front) / Smooth (rear)
Notched (front) / Smooth (rear)
Weight per blade: 68-76 kg
149-173 lb
Gang axle
Diameter38 mm
1.5 in.
Gang angles
Front5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25 degree (angle)
Rear5, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24 degree (angle)
Frame101.6x101.6x6.4 and 152.4x101.6x6.4 mm
4x4x0.25 and 6x4x0.25 in.
Gang101.6x101.6x6.4 mm
4x4x0.25 in.
Bearing hanger
MaterialSteel (Rigid Standard - C-Spring Optional)
2x4 in.
U-bolt size19.1 mm
0.75 in.
Bearing typeLubricated ball bearings
Depth control
Lighting and safety
Transport lightsStandard
Safety chainStandard
Cylinder size10.1x20.3 cm
4x8 in.
Hose length406 cm
160 in.
SizeDual 9.5L-15 6 ply
Set-up time

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