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John Deere TE 4x2 Electric

Utility Vehicle

  • Electric motor with on-board charging
  • Quiet, zero-emissions operation
  • External LED battery charge indicator 
  • Large versatile cargo box

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Drive system provides plenty of power to accelerate faster and climb hills better
Drive system Drive system
Directional change control switch Directional change control switch

The Gator™ TE Utility Vehicle features a motor powered by a 48-V electrical system.

  • This electrical system provides plenty of power to accelerate faster, carry loads, climb hills better, and perform evenly until recharge

Through the use of a separately excited controller, the Gator TE offers the following unique features:

  • Dynamic braking
    • The motor brakes when the operator lets off the accelerator; it is not a substitute for the brakes
  • Overspeed control
    • Reduces exposure to high-speed situations even when descending a hill; under normal conditions with a light load, the vehicle will not freewheel down an incline
  • Roll away
    • The electronic brake limits the vehicle speed to approximately 3.2 km/h (2 mph) and prevents the vehicle from freewheeling down a grade when left unattended
  • Reduced speed in reverse
    • Controls the vehicle speed to approximately 13 km/h (8 mph) without the loss of torque
  • Anti-rollback
    • When stopped on a grade, this feature prevents the vehicle from freewheeling in the opposite direction of the original travel direction
  • Regeneration
    • Energy is transformed back into the batteries when the vehicle travels faster than the set maximum speed; regeneration also occurs when dynamic braking is engaged; an estimated 3 percent to 5 percent regenerative energy is put back into the batteries during a day of work
  • Diagnostics
    • An onboard computer diagnoses the electrical system; using a flashing indicator light, a sequence of flashes indicates where the controller is having problems communicating
  • Speed control
    • The controller is set for a vehicle speed of 20.92 km/h (13 mph)
  • Key-off control
    • Permits the function of the interlock and safety features with the key in the off position
  • Directional change control
    • When switching from forward to reverse, the machine will come to a complete stop and then changes directions; this prevents a whiplash effect and potential high stress on the drivetrain

Power is transferred through a transaxle with helical gearing for low gear noise.

Onboard battery charger
Onboard battery charger (detail) Onboard battery charger (detail)
Battery charger located under passenger seat Battery charger located under passenger seat

The Gator™ TE is equipped with an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) approved onboard charger. Located under the passenger seat, the onboard charger allows the user to charge their TE from any location containing a wall receptacle. This saves the user time, as they do not have to travel back to the maintenance area for charging; charging can be done anywhere.

The onboard charger is designed with a wide input voltage range from 85 - 265 VAC, making it capable for worldwide application. Power factor correction and 12A maximum current draw ensures the charger will work reliably from any power outlet in the world, even through surges and sags.

Improved run time

The onboard charger features advanced temperature sensor technology that improves the information flow coming in and out of charger. The batteries are allowed to charge more fully than they were ever able to before; this can improve run time by up to 75 percent (depending on use cycle).


Important safety features of the charger are as follows:

  • Vehicle ignition interlock
    • Prevents the vehicle from being driven while connected to the charger
  • Automatic shutoff
    • Battery charger automatically shuts off after reaching the full charge
External charger plug and light-emitting diode (LED) charge indicator

The Gator TE is equipped with an external AC input IEC connector on the driver side of the vehicle to allow the flexibility of where the charger cord is stored. There is a multicolor LED indicator for low charge, more than 80 percent charge, full charge, or fault.

Heavy-duty frame

The heavy-duty design with arc-welded uni-body construction provides strength and manufacturing tolerance control.

Features operating conveniences such as high-back cushioned seats, glove box, and automotive-style controls
Side-by-side seating Side-by-side seating

Many of the Gator™ TE's standard features offer the operator and passenger a smooth, comfortable ride.

  • Side-by-side seating provides room for the operator and one passenger
  • Hip restraints serve as a handhold and help to keep the operator and passenger in their seats over rough terrain
  • Professional high-back cushioned seats are position-adjustable and provide additional comfort and support
  • Both seats tilt forward for dry storage and ease of service
Walk-through platform Walk-through platform

The Gator TE's controls and improved walk-through platform provide easy entry/exit for both operator and passenger.

  • Glove box is located in the dash to provide a convenient storage area for small tools and the operator's manual
  • Grab bar is provided for the passenger
  • Automotive-style controls for easy operation
  • Center-mounted key switch
  • Steering wheel is moved forward to provide more room for the operator
Durable deluxe cargo box is spacious and allows for easy loading and unloading
Deluxe cargo box (TX 4X2 shown) Deluxe cargo box (TX 4X2 shown)
Deluxe cargo box, tailgate lowered (TX 4X2 shown) Deluxe cargo box, tailgate lowered (TX 4X2 shown)

The deluxe cargo box consists of a 15 percent glass-filled polypropylene composite material that eliminates rust and dents and reduces noise.

Deluxe cargo box tailgate
Tailgate handle Tailgate handle
Tailgate lowered to 150 degrees Tailgate lowered to 150 degrees

The tailgate can be opened or removed for easier cleanout and to carry longer items. The tailgate has been improved, features truck-like performance, and can be operated with one hand.


The standard installed lanyards can also be removed to lower the tailgate to 150 degrees for convenient loading and unloading tasks.

Deluxe cargo box tilt
Integrated handle for manual cargo box tilt Integrated handle for manual cargo box tilt
Gas assist (A) and prop rod (B) (TX 4X2 shown) Gas assist (A) and prop rod (B) (TX 4X2 shown)

The deluxe cargo box is easier to latch, unlatch, raise, and lower with the integrated handle design and gas assist (A). Optional factory- or dealer-installed cargo box power lift is also available.


A prop rod (B) is provided to hold the box in the upright position for operator convenience, as well as limit box pivot travel.

Integrated tie-down points
Integrated tie-down point in cargo box bed Integrated tie-down point in cargo box bed
Additional tie-down points (TH 6X4 shown) Additional tie-down points (TH 6X4 shown)

The deluxe cargo box offers integrated tie-down points for increased versatility. Tie-down points are located in the following areas:

  • Four corners inside the cargo box bed
  • Four points on the load guard directly behind the operator station (A)
  • Tie-down bars on either side of the cargo box (B)
  • Six points on the underside of the cargo box frame (circled)
Converting deluxe cargo box to a flat bed
Deluxe cargo box converted to a flat bed Deluxe cargo box converted to a flat bed

The deluxe cargo box easily converts to a flat bed. The flatbed configuration allows loading larger cargo.

NOTE: Cargo box shown on Gator TX. Gator TE rear axle configuration is different.

Optional accessories
Brake light and taillight Brake light and taillight
Bed mat protects the steel floor from dents Bed mat protects the steel floor from dents

Optional accessories for the deluxe cargo box include:

  • Factory-installed brake light and taillight
  • Factory-installed spray-in liner (not shown)
    • Improves skid resistance and surface abrasion protection
  • Cargo box bed mat
  • Cargo box power lift (not shown)
  • Wide variety of attachments that connect to cargo box rails



Box capacity

Volume 0.46 m3 (16.4 cu ft)
Weight 227 kg (500 lb)



Box dump angles (degrees)

Manual dump 43 degrees +/-1
Power dump 43 degrees +/-1

CAUTION: Carrying extra-long cargo that extends beyond the box can adversely affect stability.

Specs & Compare

Key Specs

TE 4x2 Electric
Current Model
Electrical system48 V
12 kWh
Eight Trojan® T-105 batteries
Brake typeDual rear wheel mechanical drum
Speed20.92 km/h
0-13 mph
(Can be adjusted with handheld programmer)
Front suspensionIndependent, spring over shock, single A-arm
Payload capacity408 kg
900 lb
Towing capacity272 kg
600 lb
Cargo capacity272 kg
600 lb
Cargo box volume460 L
16.4 cu ft
Charger typeHigh frequency switched-mode

Drive system

MotorWound direct drive, 48 VDC separately excited
ControllerSeparately excited, maximum 400 amp
Anti-roll away braking and alarm, anti-stall motor protection, regenerative braking, diagnostic indicator, full torque, reduced speed reverse
Transaxle16.99:1 ratio with helical gearing
Electrical system48 V
12 kWh
Eight Trojan T-105 batteries
Speed20.92 km/h
0-13 mph
(Can be adjusted with handheld programmer)
Gear selectionForward, neutral, reverse
Torque converter
BatteryTrojan T-105
Extended run time batteryNot available


TypeDual rear wheel mechanical drum
Park brakeHand operated, multi-latch


FrontTwo 22x9.5-10, 4-ply high-flotation turf
RearTwo 24x12-10, 4-ply high-flotation turf

Suspension and Steering

FrontTotal Travel
127 mm
5 in.
Independent, spring over shock, single A-arm
RearTotal travel
Not available
Two high-flotation, low pressure tires
SteeringRack and pinion


Height1130 mm
44.5 in.
Width1524 mm
60 in.
LengthWithout bumper
2664 mm
104.9 in.
With bumper
2728 mm
107.4 in.
Ground ClearanceUnder transaxle
196 mm
7.7 in.
Under foot platform
185 mm
7.3 in.
Front tread centers1270 mm
50 in.
Rear tread centers1219 mm
48 in.
Wheelbase194 cm
76.4 in.
Vehicle weight630 kg
1389 lb
Turning clearance circle6.7 m
22 ft
Payload capacity408 kg
900 lb
Towing capacity272 kg
600 lb


TypeProfessional high back bucket, tilt forward
Seating capacityTwo
Seat adjustmentOptional

Cargo box

Length1143 mm
45 in.
WidthInside: 1321 mm
52 in.
Depth304.8 mm
12 in.
Capacity272 kg
600 lb
Volume460 L
16.4 cu ft
Height above ground762 mm
30 in.
MaterialPolypropylene side panels and tailgate; steel floor and load guard
TailgateHinged at bottom, removable; side panels are removable
DumpManual, power lift (optional)

Ground pressure



TypeHigh frequency switched-mode
Input voltage120 VAC 60 Hz
Input amperage (Nominal)12 amp
Breaker maximum: 15 amp
Output voltage48 VDC nominal
Output amperage21 ADC
AC input connectorIEC320/C14
AC power cord2.4 m
94 in.


Fenders and hood

Additional information

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Location: South Bend IN
Length of Ownership: 1yearOrLonger
Usage: Daily
BEST utility vehicle

I am about to purchase my third electric gator, BEST product ever! Quiet, powerful, long lasting battery charge, super functional. Great for horse farms, property management....

Location: California
Length of Ownership: 6months
Usage: Daily
Love It on the Farms!!!

My team and I use this vehicle for all labor purposes on the farm, everyone was excited to drive this vehicle. Durable, quiet, and powerful with the ability to drive it inside...did I mention the longevity of a fully charged battery is insane and lasts for days!? When other departments see us cruising, they look on with extreme envy!

WI Duck Guy
Location: Stoughton WI
Length of Ownership: 1yearOrLonger
Usage: Daily
Quiet and powerful

Had the Gator TE for over a year now- it has worked flawlessly since delivery. Hauls everything around our farm - tools, feed, hay bales, compost. Got the power dump bed and use it frequently. It is very quite and does not disturb our stock.