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High-Capacity Carted Wheel Rakes

  • High capacity design reduces crop plugging
  • Large rake wheels minimize leaf loss
  • Rake with one or both arms as needed
  • Optional center kicker wheel

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High frame clearance increases productivityHigh frame clearance increases productivity

The WR31 Series High-Capacity Carted Wheel Rake has a high frame clearance and an increased distance between the transport wheels and raking wheels, measured at 81.3 cm (32 in.) and 45.7 cm (18 in.) respectively. This clearance allows for a high volume of crop to flow through the rake, reducing crop plugging while increasing productivity.

High-quality hay with larger raking wheelsHigh-quality hay with larger raking wheels

The 152.4-cm (60-in.) diameter raking wheels of the WR31 Series have fewer revolutions per hour than a smaller raking wheel traveling at the same ground speed. This reduction in revolutions minimizes crop leaf loss, leading operators to produce higher quality hay. A larger diameter wheel will have a longer wear life, increasing the life of the raking tines.

The WR31 Series High-Capacity Carted Wheel Rake has three easy adjustment points to fine-tune windrows and gather more hay in each bale.

Adjustable down-pressure springAdjustable down-pressure spring

1. Simply change down pressure by adjusting a spring to the desired setting for accuracy on uneven terrain.

Increase crop volume by adjusting simple adjustmentIncrease crop volume by adjusting simple adjustment

2. Adjust wheel rake width to gather higher volumes of crop by adjusting a single pin and clip.

Windrow jack for quick and easy adjustmentsWindrow jack for quick and easy adjustments
Adjusting windrow widthAdjusting windrow width

3. Fine-tune the windrow width by utilizing the jack to adjust the pitch of the wheel rake beams to get the right size windrow for the baler. (Only available on the WR3110 and WR3112 models)

Rake arms in position with Kwik Pik systemRake arms in position with Kwik Pik system
Kwik Pik system mechanismKwik Pik system mechanism

The Kwik Pik system lifts both rake arms at the same time. This system allows for immediate clearance of the rake wheels from the crop, which in turn does not affect the windrow form during headland turns. Headland turns can be made faster, increasing productivity and uptime for the operator. The windrows will maintain a rectangular shape for easy pickup with a baler.

Convenient and quick hitch adjustmentsConvenient and quick hitch adjustments

The adjustable hitch allows for added versatility with the WR31 Series High-Capacity Carted Wheel Rake. With the wide array of tractor tire sizes and drawbar heights, hitch adjustments add more convenience for large hay operations.

Double features increase pressure and cycle timeDouble features increase pressure and cycle time

The double-acting valve allows hydraulic pressure to flow both in and out, providing a 25 percent faster hydraulic cycle time.

Easy maintenance with accessible grease zerksEasy maintenance with accessible grease zerks

The ability to properly lubricate moving parts, such as the wheel, extends the life of these parts, leading to increased uptime.

Option featured on WR00Option featured on WR00
Option featured on WR31Option featured on WR31

The center kicker wheel conversion kit improves drying time and windrow pickup for the baler by raking the hay in the center of the rake that is not turned by the rake wheels.

When ordered as a field conversion kit, it includes one wind panel with the corresponding hardware. This is used on wheel rakes when the application is short or when raking dry crops that can blow through a standard rake wheel.


Compare the specifications of up to 4 models

Dimensions wr31-wheel-rakes
Current Model
Transport width3.05 m
10.0 ft
Transport length5.18 m
17 ft
Frame clearance83.57 cm
32.9 in.
Raking widthMinimum
4.57 m
15.0 ftMaximum
5.79 m
19 ft
Windrow widthMinimum
91.44 cm
36 in.Maximum
152.4 cm
60 in.
Transport height2.18 m
7.15 ft
NOTE: Transport heights can vary based on unit setup. Dimensions are for reference only.
Implement635.03 kg
1,400 lb
Shipping780.18 kg
1,720 lb
Rake wheel
Diameter152.4 cm
60 in.
HubsTapered bearings
Teeth per wheel40
Teeth diameter7.6 mm
0.3 in.
Flex upLimited
Flex downLimited
Tractor compatibility
Horsepower requirements
Dual-acting (DA) valveQuantity
Electrical requirement
Minimum tractor size
Hitch jackStandard
Safety chainStandard
Set-up time

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